Why Break The Cycle Gear

20% of your order will be donated

20% off our proceeds will be donated to our non profit break the cycle foundation an orginization dedicated to helping family and individuals break the cycle of generational curses and mindsets.

Meet Aaron & Mikaela Patterson

Each of us came from troubled pasts where there were a lot of cycles that needed to be broken. Our strong friendship led to a relationship which then led to marriage. In our first year together, we launched our own clothing-line-brand and titled it, 'Break The Cycle Gear'.

This idea was birthed out of looking around and seeing so many people in both mental and physical chains. It’s our heart’s desire to see everybody set free and be who they were created to be. Your mind can either be your biggest weapon or the thing that holds you back from your purpose and calling.

Break The Cycle Gear is more than a clothing line. It’s a movement and a family. Our goals for the future are to partner with public schools, rehab centers, counseling offices and any organizations committed to bringing hope, healing, and change. So everyone can have the chance to stand up one day and tell the story of how, "It ran in your family until it ran into YOU".

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It ran in your family until it ran into you. • 50% Cotton• Unisex• True To Size   

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Learning yourself never ends. Fabric: 100% polyester Feature: 5-panel, structured, 6mm sponge backing backed front panels Matching undervisor, 6-row stitching on visor 3 ¾ ...