Meet Brittany

BreakTheCycle - Three words I’ve been thinking about for a literal year now. One of my fav and most special spiritual people helped plant this notion in my head last year, that negative patterns & cycles in my life may not have been started by me but, they can sure be ended by me. I’ve been spending this year wondering how to do that. And why me? Then I saw this message on a clothing line inspired by someone from my hometown. I read the words in their mission about how we ALLL have cycles to break. Cycles written in our actual DNA, some formed through what i will call our “generational psychology”: addiction, physical/emotional/financial abuse, trauma, manipulation - no matter what this cycle is for you, you have the power to end it and change the trajectory of your life. Thank you @breakthecyclegear for getting IT! it’s also such a comfy sweatshirt!

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