Meet Prophet Link

Meet Prophet Link

Born in East Harlem, raised in the South Bronx, Michael "Link" Alvarado is the Child Of a Deaf Adult (CODA) that sought love and affirmation in all the wrong ways. Wanting to be a thug lead him to want to hug the streets, and the streets hugged him back. By the age of 18 he was pronounced dead on the operating table twice, on two separate occasions after several incidents where he was "Shot, stabbed, head cracked-open, lungs punctured, and nose all-broken". Trauma still didn't lead him to God, it was at the age of 20 after immense depression, anxiety, attempted suicide, and poverty that drove him to seek something more. In December of 2006 Link was so annoyed by a colleague who would always "Praise God" for any and sometimes what seemed to be no reason. Link was really introduced to Jesus at an Encounter Retreat hosted by the Eternal Impact Youth Group at New Life Outreach Int'l Bronx.

Link became a bondservant of Christ, a husband of almost 12 years, and a father to four children. He is a Creator, a Consultant, and a Catalyst to Social Entrepreneurs and Social Impact Companies within the faith. God chose Link, and Link chose to BREAK THE CYCLE. #PAINHASAPURPOSE #linkinbio #breakthecycle

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