Meet Megan

Meet Megan

Meet Megan, 

At nine years old I experienced sexual trauma for the first time. Within that year it was noticeable that I began gaining weight and coping through emotional eating. Weight became a point of pain in my story from then on. I faced bullying, harassment, rejection & more as a result of this becoming an issue in my life. I once was even told I should kill myself before becoming the “worlds fattest woman”. I gave my life to Jesus at 14 and it was in my early adult years that the Lord began to address the parts of me that were broken because of this area of my life. He led me through a process of addressing my relationship with food / exercise and why it was ever tainted to begin with. I had to walk through forgiveness & painful acknowledgments of exactly how this cycle of brokenness affected me. It was then I began my personal journey of getting healthy. During that season I developed a heart for people who’ve had similar experiences to my story & was then I decided to one day pursue personal training from a holistic approach. Earlier this year I took the step to get my personal training certification & am now officially working in that field. I am still in process myself, but I’ve concluded it’ll always be that way. That’s the human experience. However, that don’t mean I can’t keep breakin cycles & Megan It Happen ✊🏼💪🏼 #breakthecyclegear #linkinbio #weightloss #fitness #change

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