Meet Jade

12 years ago, you would not even recognize the person I am today. Addiction had held on to my soul and stripped me of all attributes of being an actual human. I was lost and in pain from the past so much I had completely and utterly given up on life. I remember accepting the fact I was going to die on heroin and at some point in my addiction, that was what it was. Accepting that my disease had stolen quite literally everything I had and everything I was. Today and for the past 6 years, I no longer accept that. I accept that I can break the cycle no matter how hard a day may be. I accept the fact I broke that cycle of ambivalence to get my life back. I have a life worth fighting for today thanks to breaking that cycle of addiction. I now maintain a 4.0 in school and have a beautiful daughter who is my motivation everyday to remain in the bliss I can now call my life. I now work in addiction recovery to help others break their cycle. At the end of the day I broke mine and there is no greater joy and fulfillment then watching others break theirs.

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