Meet Lacey

5 years ago I moved to the city. I maintained my relationship with Christ and swore I had my head on straight. I began working at a club as a waitress. Satan worked his way into my life and I began drinking and partying everyday for about 5 months. I remember praying to God every night asking him to remove me from that life if that’s not where He wanted me. Which is silly because I knew He didn’t want me living that life, but I was making excuses. The Holy Spirit would come over me when I was making decisions that were definitely not pleasing to God and I would just ignore. On May 19th 2016, I ended up drinking way too much and fell from my balcony. 63 feet onto concrete breaking almost every bone in my body. Before this I was so vain, I had best smile all through high school and was an athlete. My spirit was ugly and tainted. I woke up in Parkland trauma unit, and everything I knew about myself was gone. I felt like I had just been ripped of everything, stripped down to nothing. After a year of not walking I was forced to sit in a room and come face to face with my demons. My old spirit died that day and my new spirit took over. After physical and emotional therapy I ended up healing, and later found my husband and we have a beautiful little boy. I don’t “maintain” my relationship with Christ anymore, I feed it everyday. I believe God broke me physically so he could save me spiritually. His unconditional love and grace is so overwhelming, to think He loves me so much that He had plans for me all along. It does get dark in life but I promise there is light! He has plans for you too, He will never leave or forsake you no matter how much you’ve messed up. The devil is a liar and will do anything to get you away from what God has for you, don’t let him fool you. We are warriors! Everything we go through has a purpose, but remember He has given us authority to trample on snakes and scorpions.. and over all the power of the enemy. Amen!

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